How we help

How we helpFor many years now Materne-Polska has been an active contributor to the life of our local community. We are one of the largest employers in the area and many local people work for us.

Within our policy of sponsorship and donation, we annually support education and local government institutions. Our products are delivered to institutions and organisations which support the people in need and we are also present at sport and cultural events.

We invest in children’s dreams and appreciate creative ideas...

Several times a year Materne-Polska organises a contest for children from local primary and junior high schools. Students are invited to prepare works on a subject related to our activity. The most creative ideas are rewarded with a day trip sponsored by Materne-Polska, which aims at discovering children’s dreams and having fun.

There are many ways to make dreams come true (not only for children) and actively develop social attitudes. We believe that our active involvement in local issues will not only help to develop sensitivity and responsibility, but also discover children’s talents.

  • The World of Fruit contest – first edition

    2013-06-19 15:41

    In June 2013 we began the first edition of “The World of Fruit" contest. The freedom of technique ensured that the primary and junior high school students from Nałęczów area could all present their unbelievable creativity.

    Even though the deadline was short, we received over 170 masterpieces, each of which impressed us in its own way.

    16 prize winners were invited to spend "A Day with Materne".

    Together we went on a company tour and later visited an airfield in Radawiec, where we watched planes, gliders, parachutists and discovered the word of flying. Finally, we ran a baking workshop and later we ate all the biscuits we had made for dessert...

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  • The second edition of the contest about „Advertisement of Materne-Polska”.

    2014-04-23 11:00

    The second edition of the contest about „Advertisement of Materne-Polska”.

    The second edition of Materne’s contest discovered another creative talents. Children had to prepare, in small groups of 4, the advertisement of Materne-Polska. We received fantastic works of art, movies and many others realizations that made us impressed, charmed and even made us laugh.

    Over 250 children took part in this contest and the winning 16 were invited to a very special day with Materne. We prepared a lot of surprises for participants: games, contests and baking workshops with...


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